mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

Good reasons to fall for him

He's far far away.
He doesn't have a proper job.
He can't boil an egg but knows by heart the ml for the perfect gin and tonic.
His tatoos don't match the Christmas tree's decorations.

Dress: vintage
socks: Calzedonia
foundation: Chanel Vitalumière 20
concealer: Bourjois healthy mix 51
blush: Bourjois 16
liquid eye liner: Iq cosmetics 1
mascara: Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill
lipstick: Maybelline 315

Wrap him up and send him over.

2 commenti:

Willy-Nat ha detto...

Long legs required by law.

lucia ha detto...

very true indeed :)