sabato 24 marzo 2012

Blush is served

Blush is your friend: it cheers you up when you're down, it is patient, it does not ask much, it -usually-understands when it's gone too far and, unlike men, you're sure you'll find the right one for you.
Personally, I opted for a Harem, and as it usually happens I do have my favourites:

from left to right:
NYX cream blush in Rose Petal: quite pigmented, gotta have a light hand to have a natural cheek Feel free to exagerate, I do it all the time.
YSL crème de blush n.1: my first cream blush ever, and a very well loved one. Cream to powder, it is peach in a box, if you ask me.
CLARINS instant light blush in Vitamin Pink 01: just bought it, and love the colour.. For when you feel Barbie inside, and want the outside to match.
MAC cremeblend blush in Something Special: very pigmented, and perfect for the "I've been running in Jane Austen's back garden" look. Who doesn't love that?
KIKO water blush in Mandarin Fizz 02: super natural, for the "barely there" look.
MAX FACTOR miracle touch cream blush in Soft Pink: even Lisa Eldridge uses it. Do I need to add more?
NARS cream blush in Penny Lane (and what a cool name, might I add): it makes me think of a brunch with Clemence Posey and Gwyneth Paltrow.
DANIEL SANDLER watercolour blush in Spicy: just like the KIKO one, extremely natural, since it is water based. Does need a good shake, and then it's perfection.
e.l.f. powder blush in Candid Coral: cheap and best, as they say in India. Slightly shimmery, and perfect with a tan - I'm guessing, here.
BOURJOIS powder blush in Rose: not very pigmented and with a subtle shine. Elegantly shy, I'd say.
CHANEL poudre soleil 4 lumières in Bronze Coral: the best 50 euros I spent last spring.

Any suggestions? My Harem's door is open! 

domenica 11 marzo 2012

Gone hunting

Because when you see a vintage market you can't say no, can you?
Well, I can't.
It is the possibility of touching, of feeling the object that I like the most, which is something that's becoming more and more rare.
So, I dug as Lazarus would have and went away pretty satisfied.

A welcome party in the jewellery case
(jewellery case by Zara home)
the guests
vintage clip earrings from the late 50's, and me striking a pose
 Excuse my face, which is a horrendous disaster.
Thank God this winter is almost over!

vintage clip earrings from the 40's, and my hand

For those who love a bit of Nick Cave, and for those who did not get the Lazarus joke: Dig, Lazarus, Dig! Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

martedì 6 marzo 2012

Kisses and Thimbles

There are stories that, sometimes, stop being a creation of your fantasy and become real.
For example, many many many years ago I started telling people that, as a child, I would leave my window open at night, so that Peter Pan could come and take me with him.
I should probably ask my sister, who was the one sleeping by the window, but I doubt it is true. Nonetheless, my love for Peter was - is - very true indeed, and I can't express how happy I am about seeing his collar everywhere.
In fact, I happen to have found his trousers too, which I promptly bought, together with said collar, made of silver beads on a shirt, and another shirt full of flowers and ruches, 'cos I thought it would be perfect for Neverland.
Once home, I opened the window and sat waiting, wondering if he finally decided it was time to grow up.
Apparently he did.

flower shirt: Zara
green leather trousers: Zara
flower shirt: Zara
Peter Pan collar shirt: Zara
"You may be sure Mrs. Darling examined the shadow carefully, but it was quite the ordinary kind."
Peter Pan, Chapter 2, The Shadow.

giovedì 1 marzo 2012

When your legs are not ready for spring, you must be persuasive with your face

Because, let's be honest, my legs are always unprepared to show themselves in public. I even bought myself an exercise bike, but it turned out to be just another one night stand. You know, no strings attached, that sort of thing.
This - and the fact that the belgian winter had turned my skin into a hopeless disaster - made me go slightly Caudalie crazy, the other day.
Caudalie is a french brand that uses mostly natural ingredients, that respect the environment and are biodegradable. All their products are parabens free, and combine Nature and "luxurious textures inspired by the vine", in their own words (link!)
Ok, back to my shopping. This is the result:

From left to right:
Vinosource Crème Sorbet Desalterante. It is the first Caudalie product I ever tried, and one of the few that is not only tolerated, but loved by my impossible skin. I have forgotten to say that it is always a real quest to find a moisturizer that pleases and calms it. The fact that I repurchased this particular one says a lot.
Pulpe Vitaminée Yeux et Levres. First time I try it, and so far so good. Can't really say all my lines have disappeared, but I am hoping it will help dissuading new ones to join the party. I'd like to keep it quite exclusive, y'know. Contact lens wearers friendly.
Vinosource Riche. I was gifted this, a nice way of thanking me for spending a fortune, I thought. I basically use it at night, or when I am in desperate need of some moisture, like when I forget to drink water for more that 16 hours. Must have been a camel in a previous life.
Vinoperfect Serum Eclat Anti Taches. Ok, this is the result of my addiction to Lisa Eldridge. I saw her using it in one of her video and decided that, if she liked it, so would I. And I was not wrong. Plus, serums feel luxurious, and it's nice to have something special to treat yourself with before going to bed.

Voilà, I might not be as persuasive as good old Lisa, but I'd definitely give it a go, if I were you!