domenica 22 gennaio 2012

Deep inside

Or, if you prefer, "What's in my bag".
I guess it is a bit abused..
Anyways, on with it: it was a sunny morning around Christmas, and I felt the need of a new black bag.
It's been years that my obsession for the magnificent Birkin by Hermes accompanies me, almost everywhere I go, but life is funny sometimes, and apparently my bank refuses to pay for it.
So, as I was walking around the market in Rimini I saw this beauty, and decided it could do the job, until the more famous sister would turn up.
Here it is:

Humongous, heavy and uncomfortable, exactly what I needed.
As for what's inside:

A perfume: Love, by Chloé, which makes me feel very sophisticated.
A book: The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim, Coe's last novel, and I love it, as usual.
An agenda: Moleskine.
A wallet: Gherardini.
A black furry hat: LDA.
A pair of green leather gloves, an apple (yes, whatever) and a box of chocolate alphabet (much more likely to be the chosen one).
Wipes: Fortnum & Mason, cos I am chic like that.
A bow necklace and a make up bag: both by Down the Rabbit Hole.

And what's inside the bag that's inside the bag?
(forgive me, I have had a very stressful week)

Foundation: Bourjois healthy mix serum n.52
A couple of brushes: Sigma F84 and F86.
Bronzer: Hoola by Benefit.
Blusher: Watercolor in Spice by Daniel Sandler.
Lash and brow groomer: e.l.f.
Lipstick: Dior Addict n.214 by Dior.
Eyeshadow: Illusion d'ombre n.83 by Chanel.
a ring, 2 hairbands, some tissues and a mirror, just in case.

Et voilà!
Soundtrack to this blog: Serge Gainsbourg - Ecce Homo (another good reason to love that bag)

9 commenti:

betta ha detto...

Grazie per aver messo le mie cose! Il paesaggio dalla finestra mi ha ispirato un nuovo nome, e relativa produzione...Près du pôle nord, come ti sembra? perché mi vengano tutti in francese, non ne ho idea. Jeg snakker ikke norsk nok, tror jeg...

lucia ha detto...

io preferisco il nome vecchio, ma vecchio o nuovo poco importa, basta che ricominci a sfornare meraviglie!

Jen ha detto...

daniel sandler's blushers are AWESOME!

lucia ha detto...

they are indeed! x

Kate ha detto...

love the bag! (:

francisdodson ha detto...

I love your gloves! And you blog is beautiful :) x

lucia ha detto...

oh, thank you! you are too sweet! x

Chloé ha detto...

With pleasure, her is my bag Love, C.

lucia ha detto...

yay, i read it, and it is awesome! :)