sabato 28 aprile 2012

Go Mineral

Make a wish. Mine was - amongst others - to let my skin blossom with the spring flowers, as if I was 17 and we had a real spring in Belgium.
Ready? Blow!

I found the way: mineral foundation by Laura Mercier, because being 34 is like being 17 twice, after all. Who would have thought a bit of sand-like powder would make me so proud!

left: Laura Mercier mineral foundation in real sand
right: Laura Mercier foundation primer - mineral
17, twice
and some other stuff
earrings: Gioielleria Burnazzi
scarf: h&m
There's a whole mineral world out there to discover, and if it is as good as what I've already tried, a whole lotta love is on its way.
Find it, try it, love it, make it yours.

2 commenti:

Alex ha detto...

Love the LM powder... Beautiful finish, definitely my favourite!! Xx

lucia ha detto...

So, so true!! Can't wait to explore some more!! Any recommendations?! x