sabato 24 marzo 2012

Blush is served

Blush is your friend: it cheers you up when you're down, it is patient, it does not ask much, it -usually-understands when it's gone too far and, unlike men, you're sure you'll find the right one for you.
Personally, I opted for a Harem, and as it usually happens I do have my favourites:

from left to right:
NYX cream blush in Rose Petal: quite pigmented, gotta have a light hand to have a natural cheek Feel free to exagerate, I do it all the time.
YSL crème de blush n.1: my first cream blush ever, and a very well loved one. Cream to powder, it is peach in a box, if you ask me.
CLARINS instant light blush in Vitamin Pink 01: just bought it, and love the colour.. For when you feel Barbie inside, and want the outside to match.
MAC cremeblend blush in Something Special: very pigmented, and perfect for the "I've been running in Jane Austen's back garden" look. Who doesn't love that?
KIKO water blush in Mandarin Fizz 02: super natural, for the "barely there" look.
MAX FACTOR miracle touch cream blush in Soft Pink: even Lisa Eldridge uses it. Do I need to add more?
NARS cream blush in Penny Lane (and what a cool name, might I add): it makes me think of a brunch with Clemence Posey and Gwyneth Paltrow.
DANIEL SANDLER watercolour blush in Spicy: just like the KIKO one, extremely natural, since it is water based. Does need a good shake, and then it's perfection.
e.l.f. powder blush in Candid Coral: cheap and best, as they say in India. Slightly shimmery, and perfect with a tan - I'm guessing, here.
BOURJOIS powder blush in Rose: not very pigmented and with a subtle shine. Elegantly shy, I'd say.
CHANEL poudre soleil 4 lumières in Bronze Coral: the best 50 euros I spent last spring.

Any suggestions? My Harem's door is open! 

2 commenti:

Chloé ha detto...

Terracotta de Guerlain is my secret!

lucia ha detto...

must try it, it's been on my "to buy" list for ages!