martedì 6 marzo 2012

Kisses and Thimbles

There are stories that, sometimes, stop being a creation of your fantasy and become real.
For example, many many many years ago I started telling people that, as a child, I would leave my window open at night, so that Peter Pan could come and take me with him.
I should probably ask my sister, who was the one sleeping by the window, but I doubt it is true. Nonetheless, my love for Peter was - is - very true indeed, and I can't express how happy I am about seeing his collar everywhere.
In fact, I happen to have found his trousers too, which I promptly bought, together with said collar, made of silver beads on a shirt, and another shirt full of flowers and ruches, 'cos I thought it would be perfect for Neverland.
Once home, I opened the window and sat waiting, wondering if he finally decided it was time to grow up.
Apparently he did.

flower shirt: Zara
green leather trousers: Zara
flower shirt: Zara
Peter Pan collar shirt: Zara
"You may be sure Mrs. Darling examined the shadow carefully, but it was quite the ordinary kind."
Peter Pan, Chapter 2, The Shadow.

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Alex ha detto...

Loving both shirts!! :)

lucia ha detto...

Thank you! x