giovedì 1 marzo 2012

When your legs are not ready for spring, you must be persuasive with your face

Because, let's be honest, my legs are always unprepared to show themselves in public. I even bought myself an exercise bike, but it turned out to be just another one night stand. You know, no strings attached, that sort of thing.
This - and the fact that the belgian winter had turned my skin into a hopeless disaster - made me go slightly Caudalie crazy, the other day.
Caudalie is a french brand that uses mostly natural ingredients, that respect the environment and are biodegradable. All their products are parabens free, and combine Nature and "luxurious textures inspired by the vine", in their own words (link!)
Ok, back to my shopping. This is the result:

From left to right:
Vinosource Crème Sorbet Desalterante. It is the first Caudalie product I ever tried, and one of the few that is not only tolerated, but loved by my impossible skin. I have forgotten to say that it is always a real quest to find a moisturizer that pleases and calms it. The fact that I repurchased this particular one says a lot.
Pulpe Vitaminée Yeux et Levres. First time I try it, and so far so good. Can't really say all my lines have disappeared, but I am hoping it will help dissuading new ones to join the party. I'd like to keep it quite exclusive, y'know. Contact lens wearers friendly.
Vinosource Riche. I was gifted this, a nice way of thanking me for spending a fortune, I thought. I basically use it at night, or when I am in desperate need of some moisture, like when I forget to drink water for more that 16 hours. Must have been a camel in a previous life.
Vinoperfect Serum Eclat Anti Taches. Ok, this is the result of my addiction to Lisa Eldridge. I saw her using it in one of her video and decided that, if she liked it, so would I. And I was not wrong. Plus, serums feel luxurious, and it's nice to have something special to treat yourself with before going to bed.

Voilà, I might not be as persuasive as good old Lisa, but I'd definitely give it a go, if I were you!

6 commenti:

Willy-Nat ha detto...

Io non sono mai pronta, per nessuna stagione... né faccia né gambe, ma di sicuro questa primavera la Somatoline non mi avrà! Spenderò meglio quei soldi, magari in un biglietto aereo...

Belli, questi prodotti "vinosi"! io nel mio piccolo sono andata meno sullo sperimentale: una canonica crema colorata super moist. spf 15 di clinique (sai, noi paese mediterraneo, l'spf...): il fondotinta vero era troppo impegnativo per la mia scarsa dimestichezza/tempo a disposizione...


Chloé ha detto...

Made me want to try the Creme Sorbet Desalterante for "my impossible skin". It is not desesperate then?

lucia ha detto...

@Willy-Nat: Il biglietto aereo mi sembra una idea ottima! E in realtà anche il tinted moisturizer lo è, che il sole mediterraneo non ama i fondotinta pesanti! Fammi sapere com'è!

lucia ha detto...

@Chloé: well, my skin is basically a mess, but I do really like it.. come around and try it! x

Anonimo ha detto...

need to try out this brand! great post :) xxx

lucia ha detto...

Thank you! You do, I surrendered after Lisa Eldridge mentioned it, and really like it! Let me know if you do! x