giovedì 24 novembre 2011

Scrub baby, scrub

It was a cold evening, and I met a guy that would not let me go.
We wandered around Bologna until sunrise, and he told me I had the softest skin his hands had ever touched.
I haven't seen him since, but I slapped him in the face before I said goodbye.
As for my skin, this is what has nourished it lately:

Gommage Douche au Bouleau, Weleda: to be used once a week, or more if you need something to wake you up. Its citrucy smell fills the bathroom, and its "fines perles naturelles" leave your skin soft and smooth. It contains many natural essential oils, lactic acid and birch oil, which helps curing cellulite.
(would not expect too much from the last ingredient, even if we all like to believe there is a way to overcome women's number one enemy.)
Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamine E, L'Amande: after scrubbing I massage my body with it, which for me is how Paradise should smell like. It keeps the skin soft and elastic, and it is supposed to to fight skin blemishes. It is enriched with vitamin E, that prevents the skin from ageing, and does no contains artificial substances.

Gel Douche Exfoliant Douceur & Lait Corporel Fondant, Rites Originels: I had bought it for the sufi boyfriend, because he likes those sweet moroccans smells (he's manly like that), but ended up emptying the bottle of the exfoliant. It smells of winter, velvet, soft blankets and lit candles, but apparently it is just the smell of Argan oil. So much for imagination. It is definitely a scent for the colder months, and it stays on the skin until the next day. I guess this means you have to like Argan, and I can honestly say I do. 

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