mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

who doesn't want Perfection AND Lumière?

I have been asked recently about a good foundation. Which is always difficult, because we all have different skins, different problems, different parts to show or hide, different tones, and different wallets.
But we can all do what I do: live with samples.
Now, the ladies at the Chanel's counters are tremendously generous or either very bored so love a bit of chit chat; but what matters is that you can go there and ask away, and they'll fill up your little Chanel bag with mini bottles of everything you mention.
This introduction is just to say that I managed to try the latest foundation of the maison in three different shades: beige rosé 12, beige 20, beige 30, and I still can't make my mind up about it.
First of all, it does have quite  a strong perfume, so bare it in mind. Second, you do need a brush and pretty quick hands, because it does dry fast, at least faster that other foundations. The good thing is that once it has set on you skin there it stays, and there's no need to powder your face, or even your T-Zone, and you are left with that elegant velvety finish that I personally really like. Another big plus, in this camera obsessed time of ours, is that it photographs wonderfully.
Dry skin owners, walk away, this is not for you! Go hug your Vitalumière, you lucky ones! As for the others, go on, there are 20 shades to play with, give those poor samples a new home and those lovely ladies their well deserved chit chat.
Me, off I go to buy an under eye concealer, since my daughter decided to bury mine somewhere for the future generations.
CHANEL Perfection Lumière 12

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